My impression of the BionX!

I have created a monster! – now equipped with her bionic, oops, Bionx motor, Janet has started to zoom past me as soon as we arrive at a hill. She leaves me struggling in her wake and when I eventually catch her at the top she sits there, as cool as a cucumber (which I hate anyway – cucumber that is) – I am puffing and sweating she just starts off again…. I HATE electric bikes, but would like to try one, at least for a while 🙂

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Why I still love cycling at 86 | Sustrans

When I was around 70 I discovered Bicycle Belles, a local cycling group for women. The group was really good for all abilities as people would join who hadn’t touched a bike since school and we’d do rides up to 20 miles, which were fantastic. There would always be a back marker so you wouldn’t fret about being left behind.

Source: Why I still love cycling at 86 | Sustrans

Bikepacking and cycle touring journeys – Ride the Bike

Ride the Bike is about  bikepacking and cycle touring journeys in Iceland, Spain, France and the UK. There’s practical  info, ride reports and links to online resources  which  hopefully will give you ideas and help plan your trips.  The trips  range from long weekenders to 1 or 2 week rides – so there’s no need … Continue reading “Bikepacking and cycle touring journeys”

Source: Bikepacking and cycle touring journeys – Ride the Bike