Surly + BionX -worth it, to keep an old friend:


Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle, sky and outdoorGerry had been threatening for sometime to ‘electrify’ my bike: “ will help you up the hills” – “allow you to extend your rides” he just about stopped at hinting that I could at least keep up with him.
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Oh – look what Santa brought me this year: a new Bionx motor for my Surly LHT! Well at least I will not have to get used to a new bike.

For the technical amongst you, the kit is BionX’s latest D-Series System with a 48V down tube battery and the D-Series Rear Hub Motor this motor comes fitted to a special new wheel that will take 8, 9, and 10 speed cassettes – thereby allowing all the original gearing to be retained. The system is controlled via the latest G2 console which has an illuminated LCD display with battery state-of-charge, access to 4 ‘assist’ levels, 4 ‘Generate’ levels, possibility of controlling lights, and cycle computer functions of speed, odometer, clock, average speed and trip distance.

My impression of the BionX!

I have created a monster! – now equipped with her bionic, oops, Bionx motor, Janet has started to zoom past me as soon as we arrive at a hill. She leaves me struggling in her wake and when I eventually catch her at the top she sits there, as cool as a cucumber (which I hate anyway – cucumber that is) – I am puffing and sweating she just starts off again…. I HATE electric bikes, but would like to try one, at least for a while 🙂

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Why I still love cycling at 86 | Sustrans

When I was around 70 I discovered Bicycle Belles, a local cycling group for women. The group was really good for all abilities as people would join who hadn’t touched a bike since school and we’d do rides up to 20 miles, which were fantastic. There would always be a back marker so you wouldn’t fret about being left behind.

Source: Why I still love cycling at 86 | Sustrans