2. John O’Groats to Tongue


Janet’s J.O.G.L.E. Diary

Day 1 19th April 2013 John O’Groats to Castletown

Gerry had lots of John moments.   Posted cards to relations, Mary and Jean, then the sun came out.   Wind in our faces all the way back.   Rescued sheep stuck in fence at Canisby.   Bought and ate Orkney fudge.   Hard but good ride back on NCN1, lunch stop at Castlehill Harbour in the sunshine.

As soon as we left John O'Groats the sun arrived ... thanks 'John'!

As soon as we left John O’Groats the sun arrived … thanks ‘John’!

    Log: 24,69km  Trip 48,45km  Time 3:12:51  Av.speed 15,07kph

Day 2  20th April 2013  Castletown to Strathy Inn

Hard windblown slog – very tempting to get back on train at Thurso (Nice little town though)  Hard undulating ride in wind. Computer lead broken and no replacement until Inverness!   Picnic lunch in Reay by village shop.  Walked a bit up hills.   Shoulder ache again.   Excellent meal at Strathy Inn plus beer from Orkney Brewery and Cairngorms.   Very friendly people – £5 donation from a customer (Kevin) for charity.   WiFi good.   Forecast not good for tomorrow.
Log:  68,22kms  Trip: 44.02kms  Time:  3:44:17   Av.speed: 11,77kph

Day 3   21st April 2013   Strathy to Tongue

Route to Tongue
Very windy all day but mostly dry – couple of freezing showers.   Stunning scenery – Again, I had to of walk up some hills.   Met another LEJOG lady walking up towards us – doing very well – 1 day to go.   Impressed by beaches on North coast.   Lost 60p in phone box trying to book SYHA at Tongue.   – arrived 1600 but we’re in – 2 other hostellers.   Cooked up curries – nice manager called Kristin.
Log:  104,25kms    Trip:  35,53kms   Time:  3:47:41   Av.speed:  9,36kph

Day 4  22nd April 2013  Tongue
No cycling more cyclones!!
Kristin gave lift to village, coffee and beer in Hotel.  Walk back and shopped.   Re-credited Virgin phone.   Text to and from friends Carole & Keith.   Motor biker from Cornwall in tonight.   Weather forecast not at all promising.   Downloaded photos etc. on Kristin’s computer.   Washing done.
Day 5   23rd April 2013  Tongue

YH at Tongue - home for a couple of days...

S.Y.H.A Hostel at Tongue – home for a couple of days…

Very windy again – still in Tongue but took a luggage free trip to village (4kms)  WiFi in hotel and beer.   Afternoon nap.   Kristin asked us to move rooms – helped prepare our old room.   10 people in tonight.   Motorcyclist took trip out and back.   Couple bus travelling from Brottie Ferry, 3 girls in a car and another couple. .   Prunes and custard and steak and kidney pie!!
Found good cheese “crowdie”.
Poem on the packing:
From far and away they came.
They travelled at night, battling through wind and rain
Wary of the moonlight,
Foregoing the highways.
Their road was never easy, but they came with glee.
Their gait told its own story
Why were they here, those small, grey but happy creatures?

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