Gerry’s view: Too wet for photos!

WellsWheelsBankfoot to Errol, two places I had not heard of before this adventure, they have been typical of the small towns and villages the SUSTRANS cycle routes have taken us through – and they are a delight. Just what we were hoping for, discovering the heart of, well up to now, just Scotland but I have confidence that the routing will do the same when we reach England.
We are now sitting in our latest B & B, surrounded by all our really soaking cycling gear following the worst rain since the day we left home, speculating what it is going to be like to cycle the Tay bridge tomorrow. Our first major bridge crossing at Inverness was not a happy experience, due to road works closing the southward cycle path, the bridge itself was not too bad, but the Tay is twice as long! It will be a good practice for when we arrive at the Forth bridge. Hopefully the weather will be good enough for me to use the head can to record the crossing.
The Wells wheels ‘Mr Bean’ moment: we had arrived, drenched, in the village of Errol – virtually blind because of rain on goggles and glasses… we needed to stop to get our bearings and find our B & B – there through our personal haze we could see ‘Picture House Cafe’ – excellent we could have a cup of cha in the dry, it looked like a true cafe from outside. I went through the door still with waterproofs and helmet on and asked if they could cope with human water features… we were welcomed in, and after removing glasses we discovered it was quite a fancy restaurant with highly polished floors and smartly laid tables – no customers, thankfully for us, as we sat where we were shown and proceed to create an indoor swimming pool! The establishment was still actually a picture house as well. It was possible to watch a film while eating your meal. Anyway, we were served up Earl Grey tea, with an unordered shortbread – which really helped us to ignore the fact that we felt like a couple of incontinent penguins.
Sadly it did not end there…. I needed to use the facilities, not the easier version that us men can manage by the roadside when out for a ride, but… well you know. So to the far back of this premises I continued to leave a trail of visible footprints. Entering the required small room I noted that the smart decor continued throughout, with small touches like the paper was folded to a point to show there had been nobody in this pristine shrine before me – another touch was luxurious, one use only hand towels that one was invited to place in a receptacle after use. Well my requirements met, I was horrified that the bowl was not as ‘clean’ as I had found it – and there was no ‘bowl’ brush, a second flush did not do the job so I swallowed hard and proceeded to clean up with more tissue; OK – done? – well no, wash my hands, very small basin I noted, taps were the push down on the top type…. upon doing this I was delivered with a jet of water that would make a fireman’s hose proud!  The basin could not cope, the rebound of water hit me in the face and proceeded to virtually flood the room… I had to use two of those towels to attempt to dry the floor, but still had to leave it pretty wet.
Ah well, paid the bill, were given a couple of very nice chocolates and we beat our retreat.
I can NEVER go back to Errol again.