Gerry’s view: How to end an adventure?

     WellsWheelsIt could be that many would be cycle tourists feel a sense of anti-climax when completing a Tour –

I certainly felt that way when we arrived at Land’s End, which I put down to the stark, uninspiring ambience of the over commercialised  misguided human presence at the point that tries to add something to what is a natural site, being the furthest point South-West of mainland Britain,  much the same as John O’Groats is for the furthest North-East, although the Scottish ‘end’ did seem friendlier!  I find it strange that the draw for people to these places seems to need such ‘tacky’ atmosphere. Of course, being a cyclist ( I, no, WE can call ourselves cyclists now!)  I like to see a good café with good CAKES!

I enjoyed our trip home, possibly more than the actual ‘tour’ but that gave me another, stronger, anti-climax when we arrived there…..

What did we do? – Well,  put our house on the market – went and got a dog!?  – intended to write a book about our JOGLE….??   We bought another  tandem (Thorn Adventure) to replace the, now sold, Dutch Double Dream – One could say we were unsettled, but not unhappy.

The one thing that stood out to me was that cycling had become engrained in my ‘desires’ of what I wanted to continue to do in my retirement.   Janet seems to agree, so the question is what is the best way of satisfying this desire?

I follow many groups and individuals who post, blog and write about their cycling, I watch cycling TV programs and coverage of the Tour de France, Vuelta and Tour of Britain,  we regularly cycle, at least five days a week … all of which we  enjoy.  Janet and I  live in an idyllic area for cycling and are now exploring it in more depth.  Hopefully we will become more adept at sharing our experiences with the hope that we may even inspire a few more people to get on their bikes 🙂

Wellswheels Team photo

Wellswheels Team photo 2015