How do I encourage, ‘encouragement’, from my ‘online friends’?


I am a little ‘depressed’ by the fact that I have not really had much to write about on my ‘WellsWheels’ site.
I have been riding, but not anything particularly worthy of sharing….
It certainly is not lack of enthusiasm. but lack of ideas for ‘interesting’ exploration.
I would welcome any pleasant suggestions for targeting more interesting day rides, that could lead to WordPress ‘posts’ with at least, positive reasons for writing!?

How do I keep an interesting online presence, while just enjoying my cycling?

Mark Beaumont cycles around the world in (under) 80 days!

I have a small list of ‘FIRSTS’ that have impressed me since 1951 –

1st to run 4 minute mile 1954 Roger Bannister
1st in space in 1961 Yuri Gagarin
1st on the moon 1969 Neil Armstrong
1st to sail solo around the world Robin Knox-Johnston 1969
1st to cycle around the world in (under) 80 days  2017 – Mark Beaumont

I am very pleased to add  Mark to my list!

'50 miles to go! 

#80days #ArtemisWorldCycle'