Louvigny-du-Desert to St-Brice-en-Cogles

28th August 2015

Remembering our trips on our previous tandem to Fougeres and Antrain, we decided to explore the Voie Vert that linked these two rides.   We took the Thorn tandem, with Harris in the basket, in the van to Louvigne-du-Desert picnic area and followed our previous ride to the Voie Verte junction (13km) to Antrain.   After a further 17km on a good track with a few dodgy gates, particularly for the tandem, and using the tunnel under the Rennes Autoroute, we arrived in St.Brice for tea!   This was a very civilised occasion in the Salon de The – lemon meringue pie and tea for 8 euros.                          Having experienced the Voie Verte gates, we felt like a change and plotted a road-route back on the D15, via Montours, Poilley and Villamee.   Here we had a quick breather at the Un Fil de l’Eau “Aire” which has a picnic area, epicerie and loos! Shortly after this we left the D15, a not particularly bike-friendly road, to take the D115 back to the Voie Vert and our van at Louvigne. We hadn’t actually linked our old trips but had had a good day out.

Total distance 51.82km   Time cycling 3hrs 45mins.

Sadly the photos taken on this trip were lost, but these two were borrowed from our Fougeres trip and depict the ‘hairpin’ junction on the Voie Verte:

Louvigne - St-Brice

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